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From: (Mon Apr 12 21:13:06 2004)
It's like steps going up.

From: Randy (Mon Apr 5 10:02:47 2004)
Ya know, I would seriously advise avoiding this game... it didn't really work. If one person scored a goal, both players got a point, what's the deal with that?
From album: Revue 2003

From: (Fri Apr 2 20:32:37 2004)
Standing here is the greatest man of all time. Quirky, funny, timid, and intelligent. (Please excuse my fragment, Mr. L.) What more could you want?

From: Jenni (Thu Apr 1 21:31:54 2004)
Jacqueline, is one hot mama!

From: Jacqueline (Sun Feb 8 15:25:20 2004)
Wow! I look really evil in this picture!
From: Jenni (Thu Apr 1 21:29:40 2004)
Yes you do look evil!! J/J I love you!
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