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From: ashley (Fri May 9 08:44:29 2008)
put ur clothes back on!

From: ashley (Fri May 9 08:42:26 2008)
u look like a rat!

From: anonymous (Thu Jun 16 11:22:51 2005)
You are the best Yens! You have a lot of color for a white boy!
From: Heather (Fri May 9 08:41:36 2008)
I would so tap you.

From: Samantha Semrau (Sat Apr 23 23:39:44 2005)
Hey ALexis, you did great. We need to get out more. Have fun and see ya later.
From: Beth Miller (Tue Oct 11 14:20:23 2005)
Lol You look great have a great year, Love ya?
From: ashley (Fri May 9 08:41:11 2008)
ur pretty:)

From: Chelsea (Fri May 9 08:36:33 2008)
None of that.
From: Heather (Fri May 9 08:40:08 2008)
No. No sir. No mam. Lets not do this anymore. Looks like a no no!
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